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Lalcôvi is a premium fashion outlet, created for fashion lovers from a Parisian fashion obsessed. 
Discover quality clothing & accessories of exclusive brands of the highest quality. All brand new.
This is luxury fashion @ amazing prices.
Sustainably sourced, we sell excess production & previous seasons' collections @ reduced prices sourced from trusted European suppliers. 
We bring you the best deals from more than 200 high-end luxury brands.


Why Sustainability is important?

I love Fashion but I also love my planet and I have been extremely chocked when I become more aware of what "Fast fashion" was doing to our planet and the kind of future we are creating for our kids. 
Few scary numbers : 80% of discarded textiles are landfilled which is around 92 million tons of textiles a year; most of them are throw away because of low quality.
The fashion industry accounts for 10% of global carbon emissions and  consumes 79 trillion litres of water per year.
As a woman I am also very concerned on the well being of women who make up the majority of the fashion workforce that are still underpaid and overworked. 
It started the need to change the way I shop. Fewer but better quality apparel from great designers that I can keep longer or resell, at affordable price was the essence of Lalcôvi's creation.
We spent an average of $1700 USD a year on clothe so let spend it wisely. 
In 2022, fashion brands will follow #BreakTheBias coming from the IWD, they will focus on inclusivity, diversity, and equity. As a result, you can expect to see more diversity in clothes so more people will feel represented and you will be able to successfully be authentic in your style without “not being in trend”.  Such an exciting movement and change! and we are proud to help with it @ Lalcôvi


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